About Us

Welcome to Brightownlights.com, where lighting inspirations become a reality. 


Brightown’s humble roots trace back to its founding by a young girl in April, 2014. She had ended her 5 years’ relationship and want to began a new life and do something. She is simple, hard-working and she only wants to be a helpful girl and provide the right products to consumers. She welcome all friends from all over the world to share anything with her and help her grow up as a good seller deserves consumer’s trust. She value all customers who support her. Thank you so much.

Contact Us

Email: contact@brightownlights.com


Normally when we select or design new products, we will make market research and send free samples to around 20 consumers to test the products. If 30% consumers said no, we will cancel the products, or we will improve the design or quality to get higher satisfactory. We are always open minded for all kinds of suggestion from consumers. 


All our products are available on Amazon.com

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